Udaberri dantza taldea




In different formats, but always with enthusiasm


The festivities of the towns have a special touch, and of course their dances. Adapting to that need, the melodies of our fanfare will put the whole square dancing.


Our reserve of young dancers is getting stronger with the years. We call them little dancers, but they are greatly skilled already. They are full of energy, and willing to dance. The future is theirs. They are the offspring of what has been sown over the years, and they are blossoming!

On the floor

We learnt the dances on the floor, and that is where we want to give them back to you. We try to transmit feelings through dance, and the spectator will feel them first-hand: he will sense the tension, he will laugh, he will feel nervous… A two-metres-high stage won’t be an obstacle in between the dancers and the spectators. Like in the old days, you will find us dancing in the main square. We will work hard to preserve what we received!

On stage

Is Basque traditional dance suitable for a stage? We think it is. We have danced in thousands of stages in the Basque Country and all over Europe, not only keeping the traditional style, but also adding new resources, such as lighting, sound engineering… Always displaying a good show, enjoying ourselves, and making you enjoy!